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Något jävla inflytande ska man väl ha i en demokrati ”……

” You dont represent me. I represent myself. ”

Dear member ! 2007-04-05

We think that the best can be done for the environment and for all the problems of the world today is to establish edemocracy and to abolish representative democracy which is a form of elected dictatorship on all the levels.

All the parties have programs about the environment today. To only focus mainly on the environment results to a critical member reduction leading to a point under the existens limit.

If we as organisation do not care about and do not act for edemocracy now, others will come before us. At last, we will be forced anyhow to conform the democratic development.

The political fight until now was between left and right.

Left and right today are two faces of the same coin… as you very well understand and very well know.

The big ideological fight now is between people for edemocracy and people for person cult and against edemocracy. What is your choice???

The big owners, the big commercialist, the inhuman egoists and their followers at the beginning will be against edemocracy, before their are soon going to resign bitterly.

How long you want to wait until you start to active support edemocracy. You care much about your money card and your amount in the bank but edemocracy and your vote to create elaws is enormous much more worth. Please take very good care of this big worth.

Let us collaborate for this right matter:

  1. Engage a webmaster to serve the website and the voting system.
  2. Order a voting system and start to exercise with advicing member voting.
  3. Put ( without exception) absolutely all the documents in the website avalble to all.
  4. Give a motion to the local community to do the same.
  5. Give a motion to the central organisation to do the same and to introduce edemocracy in big scale too.
  6. Please observe that edemocracy and person cult can not be mixed as oil and water not does. The member voting is going to concern e-laws and e-rulles, not persons. Any employed administrator kan then administrate the result.

Our ideological sisters and brothers in a Swedish group of researchers has writen a book about edemocracy with the title:

Med- eller motborgare

Något jävla inflytande ska man väl ha i en demokrati

Be good and go to to read and to enjoy this book.

Some good edemocracy links: (search the word ”e-demokrati” for articles in Swedish). (about webbTV)

Good Luck, with edemocratic greetings

Fred Blomson Comments are welcome to:


Instämmer i rekommendationen att läsa D2D:s bok “Med- eller motborgare”. Den inspirerar!


Bra beslut Per ! Det vore bra om alla ville göra så.
Med edemocratisk hälsning Fred


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