Direct Democracy In Israel

Hello, I don’t know Swedish so I’m navigating this site via Google translate. :) Anyways, my name is Oz Fraier and I’m from Kol1, the Israeli movement for direct democracy. we are working to promote Direct Democracy in many ways and forms and we are now thinking about establishing a Direct Democracy party. Being a pretty successful example for such a party, I would like to hear what you have learned from your experience in Valentula, what is advised and what should be avoided when creating a new Direct Democracy party.

Best regards, Oz

Hello Oz!

Nice to hear from you! We are inspired by the Israeli writer Akiwa Orr’s DD-manifesto, it has been a cornerstone in our self-understanding, helping us to think of Demoex as a Civil Rights Movement. Demoex will support you. If you have not read the blog it might be a good source of information about us.

Best wishes, Per

This site is history. Direktdemokraterna is the future.